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Rossonero is an international high end jewelry company

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Rossonero headquarters building Zouk Mikael Highway P.O. Box 90, Zouk Mikael Kesrouan - Lebanon Tel: +961 9 225589-90 Fax: +961 9 225502 Mob: +961 3 360361 Email:, Joünié P.O Box# 90 Zouk Mikael, Lebanon

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Rossonero is one of the Elite international Jewelers, timepiece designers and creators of the greatest styles and most distinguished Jewelry designs.

The ongoing creations of the unique, stunning and beyond expectations multi-textured jewels, led this worldwide celebrated brand to meet the market’s trend at all times…

Thus, the Company’s mission had always been to satisfy customers with both quality and service at competitive prices providing innovative designs and jewelry pieces, guaranteed with a certified appraisal, that are uniquely produced with only high end quality goods and materials, as well as skilled personnel at all levels. Our line includes “The World’s Most Ideal cut Diamonds” and all sizes and shapes of Pearls, Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones.

Rossonero became a renowned brand all over the world, and possesses an irrefutable position in the marketplace, especially when it comes to trust and adherence to the highest standards of quality - without compromise.

Rossonero’s vision is beyond expectations, and its expansion is vastly growing on the Globe, reaching all horizons….


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