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Our medical and aesthetic treatments are individualized, confidential and comprehensive.

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Marc 1 Center, Habtour Round About, Sin el Fil - Beirut, Lebanon

Elie Melhem Clinics


LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Laser Hair removal is painless at our clinics with the latest Cynosure Elite+ (for every 4 sessions, you receive 4 free sessions).

ELECTROLYSIS: This is an excellent laser hair removal on the face that effectively eliminates the very last hair. 

VASCULAR THERAPY TREATMENT: Our advanced vascular laser therapy treats all types of facial and leg vascular pigmented lesions.

SLIMMING TREATMENT: Our non-surgical and advanced slimming treatments are nothing like you have seen before. We use advanced, safe, and highly efficient machines. Cellulite and Fat reduction. Toning and Firming of muscles and skin.

FAT FREEZING FROM ONE SESSION: Cool Shaping treatment is an alternative to liposuction that freezes fat away in one session.

QUIT SMOKING FROM ONE SESSION: IQS treatment session lasts for only 37 minutes, is painless, has no side-effects, completely removes nicotine from your body leaving you without any addiction, and has 90% success rate. Unbelievable, but true!

ANTI-AGING FACIAL TREATMENTS: Our medical and aesthetic facial treatments give you the result you are looking for and more. 

FACIAL TREATMENTS: Our facial treatments effectively remove black heads and white heads, remove dead skin, as well as hydrate dry skin and balance oily skin.


PHYSIOTHERAPY: Our treatments are approved by all major insurance companies and official institutions in Lebanon. 

OSTEOPATHY: We are proud to have a certified European Osteopath at our clinics applying the most advanced Osteopathy treatments. It treats migraines, reflux and many digestive disorders....

ACUPUNCTURE: treats headaches, allergies, constipation and all kinds of pain...

PERINEAL RE-EDUCATION: Do you wish to shape your birth canal? This treatment is effective for Urinary Incontinence cases in all genders and ages, and for men with prostate. 

GYNOPLASTY: reduces effect of childbearing and aging by rejuvenating intimate parts.


PSYCHOLOGICAL HYPNOSIS: We offers both group hypnosis as well as one to one confidential hypnosis sessions and relaxation sessions for stress, trauma, anxiety and many psychological disorders. 

STRESS AND RELAXATION SESSIONS: helps client detox from stress in few sessions using mind reprogramming techniques. 

SMART SOLARIUM: Gives a beautiful color while protecting the skin

SPRAY TANNING: Gives a harmonious and beautiful color without inconsistent stains.


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