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Robert Abi Nader Fashion Designer he has been called the "king of Middle Eastern haute couture.

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Robert Abi Nader


Robert Abi Nader was the first and youngest Lebanese to attend and graduate from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

His talents were quickly spotted by Yves Saint Laurent who immediately selected him for an internship at his fashion house. Later on, he honed his skills at other prestigious labels such as Claude Montana and Christian Dior.

Robert Abi Nader was the first Lebanese designer to present a collection during the Haute Couture season in Paris, one of the four official fashion capitals of the world. He single handedly opened the door for his fellow Lebanese designers to follow in his footsteps.

Ever since, Robert Abi Nader has managed to position himself as a major player in the industry deftly reaching icon status with innovative designs that moved fashion forward.From one fashion show to another, his collections gathered an astounding worldwide acclaim earning him the praises of the international fashion critics and extensive media coverage.

Robert Abi Nader has gotten rave reviews from an array of prestigious international fashion magazines.

In 2003, Robert Abi Nader strikes again and defies tradition as he gets appointed to design Miss France’s dresses. For the first time in the history of the French Republic, an international Lebanese fashion designer participates in the Miss France pageant with his original evening gown designs. Two years in a row.

Robert Abi Nader who has been dubbed the “king of Middle Eastern haute couture”, dresses a number of princesses, actresses, singers, jet setters, and some of the most refined dignitaries worldwide with his creations. He is nothing short of a fashion globe trotter with a clientele spreading across the four corners of the globe, from Paris to New York, Russia, Japan, China, the Middle East, and the Gulf. Some of his fervent followers include Catherine Deneuve, Amanda Lear, Patricia Kaas, Sophie Marceau, Helene Segara, Celine Dion, Monica Belluci, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone, Mona Ayoub, as well as numerous royalties in Europe, all the ruling families of the Middle East and first ladies around the world.

Royalties along with numerous celebrities have commissioned Robert Abi Nader to produce private fashion shows and exclusive gowns for their most celebrated occasions. Robert Abi Nader designs include special project such as private jets for wealthy tycoons adding his magical couture touch to their interiors.

His designs strike an almost unattainable balance between two contradictory states whimsicality and boldness for the woman who stands apart from the crowd, high on her femininity and confident in her attitude. They cater to the modern woman on the move; comfortable to wear yet exquisitely put together and oozing femininity through the use of delicate and noble fabrics and elaborate designs that flaunt the body’s curves. Robert Abi Nader affirms: “I admire a woman who knows what she wants and what style suits her. I can pinpoint a woman’s style when I first set eyes on her.”

His work reflects a captivating fusion of material and colors; Robert Abi Nader often incorporates exquisite parts to his designs making them truly unique works of art. 

He believes every outfit is like a piece of jewelry; intricately worked, embellishing its beholder, and passed on like an heirloom.

Today, Robert Abi Nader is a perennial name in the international fashion scene. His designs are synonymous with unprecedented shapes and styles.


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