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We are proud to offer “sur mesure” menus in order to meet with clientele’s satisfaction

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Sin el Fil , Autoroute Hayek – Mekalles , Immeuble Kaline

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ABELA DELICES is a company specialized in the catering industry, known for its high quality of food and service. It caters from A to Z, private dinners, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, cocktails, parties and other multiple functions including the supply of equipment, staff, utensils and all materials needed for various events. From choosing your catering menu, whether local or international, to creating the best presentation and giving attention to the smallest details, our team of specialized experts are always happy to hear your wishes and make them true.

Our catering unit at ABELA DELICES has a fully up to date kitchen with the latest technology equipment to cope with the international catering standards. It has also a modern dining room space to seat and serve more than 60 persons for private functions when needed.

We are proud to offer “sur mesure” menus in order to meet with clientele’s satisfaction, having in mind that ABELA DELICES always presents a very good ratio of quality, price and service.

Our senior executives, experts in their fields and graduated from Switzerland, France, Greece and Lebanon are skilled in preparing and creating every single detail in the most appropriate and professional way to meet with our customers’ satisfaction.
The aim of this young and creative team is to always have a wide imagination looking forward to new taste and presentation. All efforts are never spared in order to make out of every catering event a unique and memorable one.


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