La Vie en Rose Garden


Amazing outdoor wedding garden in maten - lebanon. a perfect place to pronounce the sacred vows.

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Khinchara - Bologne, Lebanon

la vie en rose wedding garden


Located on a beautiful hilltop, overlooking the Sannine Mountain, La Vie en Rose garden is a wedding venue that is distinct between its competitors. Carrying the same name of the famous flower shop in Rabieh, La Vie en Rose garden has the privilege to benefit from the 15 years of experience to achieve “state of art” celebrations of any kind.

The garden has a panoramic view, surrounded by pine tree forests with an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, extended on 12,000 square meters. This glamorous landscape can easily accommodate more than 1000 seats as well as rounds and banquet tables all gathered across the 600-sqm-lake which gives the venue magical scenery.

Wedding celebrations in La Vie en Rose garden is a once in a lifetime for exceptional moments and dreams coming true.
The landscape reflects a complete harmony between the lake and its surroundings. The splendor of the majestic pine forest adds more magic to the romance of these unforgettable moments.
The bride and groom will share their happiness with their beloved ones, all gathered under the blue sky along with the sounds of the crystal water motions of the lake. Memories of a unique wedding day in La Vie en Rose garden will accompany the couple and guests throughout their days to come.


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