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Dashing Diva - The Ultimate in nail fashion - Often imitated, never equaled!

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Phone: + 961 1 320 337 / + 961 71 889 337
Email: dashingdivalebanon@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/dashingdivalebanon


Achrafieh - Sassine - Facing ABC mall, Azarieh entrance, Beirut, Lebanon

bridal wedding nail art


Dashing:Audacious and gallant, splendid, marked by showy elegance.
Diva: A high-maintenance woman who wants, and gets, her way
This is us.
Dashing Diva is a company headquartered in Port Washington, NY. The company has a rich heritage stemming from the fact that its owner & CEO (John Chang) owns the world’s largest manufacturing plant for artificial nails (JCI) and the largest distributing company of artificial nails (KMC Exim).
Dashing Diva was created to take the concept of your typical neighborhood nail salon, and bring it to a whole new level, ultimately turning it into a destination.
Dashing Diva provides the most innovative nail care in the world.
Dashing Diva - re-inventing the nail salon experience – opened its first door in October, 2003 in the heart of New York to much critical acclaim. Now, there are more than 40 stores around the world, in countries such as: United States, Japan, Philippines, China, Australia, Kuwait, Singapore, KSA and Lebanon.


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