Types of Massage in Bangkok and how much they cost

Foot massage

This technique is bases on an old Chinese tradition that believes the hands and feet are the center of the human body. Foot massage is called 'Reflexology'. Reflexology relaxes the whole body and relieves pain, strain, headache, migraine, stiff neck and sore knees. By applying pressure to the underside of the feet, you can bring vitality and health to the whole body. Stimulating specific points on the feet relieves tension. It improves circulation and promotes the natural healing of the body. Foot massage is a good and preventive measure for problems such as constipation, sinus, back and neck problem and it also helps improve the kidney and digestive systems. Furthermore: reflexology can make you look younger and feel wonderful.

The cost ranges between 150 to 450 bath and in my experience I advice you to visit the happy feet massage shop in sukhumvit 13 same soi as ambassador hotel, its a wonderful place and its cost 250 bath for one hour . ( always busy ) opens till 12 midnight.

Thai massage

Thai Massage is relatively new to modern spas, but it was actually developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand as a healing modality 2,500 years ago. Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai massage is both deeply relaxing and energizing.

Well this type of massage cost range from 250 bath to 700 bath, depending on the shop and the time one of the best shops I have visited is thai spa Bangkok sukhumvit soi 31

Soapy massage

Well this is kind of adult massage , mostly famous in Bangkok and Phuket , I will give you a general idea about this adult massage and the rest is upon you to explore it.

Every soapy massage shop has price a structuring scheme. Once you enter an establishment you'll either be seated and shown a menu or shown one next a counter. Either way a mamasan will assist you if you have any questions. And depending on the establishment you'll be offered a photo album to look through pictures of ladies employed on premise wearing skimpy outfits in slutty poses.

Some soapy massage shops have a fish bowl where the ladies sit with mini skirts or swim suites Meaning you can request to take a look at any available ladies. The mamasan will call up the massage girls and line them up all in front of you. I know for a lot of first timers, this may seem a bit uncomfortable having all those eyes on you but please relax. For god sakes you're there to have fun! They are not judging you because they already know you are a pervert. 

In Bangkok one of the famous soapy massage shop is Annie's massage. First Opened in 1972 The World Famous Annie's Soapy Massage Bangkok is the longest running licensed soapy massage parlor in the Nana/Sukhumvit area, if not Bangkok Also another one famous in Phuket called christina massage.
Well the cost ranges here mostly from 1200 bath till 2500 bath full service one and a half hour.
Concerning the services or details you can leave ur comments and we can answere you as much as detailed as you want.

Source: http://thailandyourdestination.blogspot.com


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