The white wedding dress is not a rule

International Designer Rules for Choosing Wedding Dress Colors:


There’s no exact traditional color for a wedding dress as the ultimate white wedding dress. The white wedding dress is the ultimate wedding gown for every bride. However, as time passed, and generations developed, some brides like to go off the traditional white dress into something different. It is also important to consider that white also has different shades for it. What is important for the bride is in choosing the shade of white that looks best. The easiest formula for the bride, which is also suggested by international designers, is: the darker the bride’s skin tone, the brighter the white she can wear. The whiter her skin tone, the darker the shade of white she must wear.


Let us start with SUPER white

Brightest, cripes white. This whitest white IS best achieved with synthetic fabrics like polyester blends, satin's, and etc. This color looks stunning against dark skin, giving the bride an ultimate opposite reflection of her skin. Fair-skinned beauties should stay far away -- it’ll wash you out!


Let’s move on to NATURAL white

This is better known as SILK white or Diamond white! This is the whitest white for natural fibers, a shade off SUPER white. It looks the same as SUPER white in the photos. However, it is much more gratifying to most skin tones and more photogenic for the BRIDE with darker skin tone.


Now, we move on the IVORY white

This is known as “candlelight white or creamy white, or shady white! Some ivory dresses have yellow undertones, and this makes the dresses look creamy. Others are just “quiet” white or cool white. Fairer skin tones and women with pink undertones in their skin look best in these dresses because these reflect the opposite of their skin types.


Finally, there is the Champagne white

This has pink and gold undertones, but looks nearly white in photos, so it is great for dark complexions or for yellow and light olive designs or undertones.


In Summary:

There’s no exact absolute rule that obliges a bride to wear white, but because of tradition, brides tend to choose white, or because advertisement companies have passed this message to society thus brides are not very comfortable at choosing different shades of white, or even different  colors. In modern days, designers who wish to create a different perspective have created dresses in soft shades of lavender, rose, or creamy light white. Do not worry that you are different, just worry if it does not suit you. IF it suits you, and the design is ultimately chic, beautiful, worthwhile, and has good fabric, with the ultimate pricing package, go for it !


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