How to Choose a Groom’s Suit

•         The Groom's Suit must definitely compliment the bride's wedding dress! The groom's suit color should complement the bride's dress color too.  If the dress is white, any color for the suit is acceptable except white, because two whites would be too much, and the two most important people in the wedding would look very pale.
•          If the wedding is of ivory color, consider a navy, brown, or grey suit, but it is preferable to choose gray than brown, because brown goes too much to the soil relativity, and in the wedding, you want to have as little relativists and more professionalism. When the groom decides on the traditional black suit, he should be very aware that the shirt he chooses must compliment the color of the dress of the Bride. This harmonious consistency between the Groom and Bride is essential, because they are the essential image of all the wedding.
•         The Groom's Suit style is also essential part of the image. The groom should consider what his personal style is because he definitely wishes to be comfortable, but also incorporate his style to fit what the wedding theme is. Whether he wants a very traditional and classic looking suit or something more temporary depends on the type of wedding it is.
•         For example, for a Formal Wedding, it is recommended to wear ONE rather than TWO or THREE button dinner jacket with peak lapel or shawl collar, a pique front shirt with turn down or wing collar, and a Vest.
•         For a Semi-Formal Wedding, it is recommended to wear a TWO rather than THREE button jacket with notch or peak lapels, thin or wide lapels, double vents, turn down collar with double cuff shirt.
•         For a Cocktail Wedding, it is recommend to wear a different colored jacket edging in satin or wool, shirt with design features such as different colored collar or cuff, unique colored lining.
•         For a Garden Wedding, it is recommended to wear a 3 piece suit without any formal additions.
•         For a Beach Wedding, it is recommended to wear a  3 piece suit, very light color, and without a formal additions.
•         It is very important to consider the type of Season: There is the standard black and most Grooms believe they should wear this color, but it is not a general rule. In Winter, dark colors seem to be more approriate but a light shirt is required to give the contrast. A light tie is also important. Shoes must be of good quality , and fit the over all suit. One can also choose the alternative color that is grey or navy, if one is bored of the traditional black. Different seasons tend to give you different color options, and generally the lighter and more temperate a season, the merrier the colors. The less formal a wedding, the more the Groom can move into different colors. Some people think of it as a risk, but it can be very smart to change colors from the traditional black when a light color fits the wedding ceremony better.
•         For example in the season of spring, it is recommended to wear light grays, light blues & taupe. In summer, it is recommended to wear tans, light browns & light grays. In Winter, it is recommended to wear Charcoal grey & midnight blue. In autumn, it is recommended to wear Medium grays & darker browns.
•         General Guidelines how to incorporate the Groom Suit to Wedding style:  If the wedding is formal, semi formal, cocktail, the general guidelines tend to change. When the wedding is formal, it is recommended to wear a traditional black dinner suit with a white shirt, and a black or white neck tie or bow tie. However, for a traditional wedding, a bow tie is more preferable than a neck tie. When it is a semi-formal, it is recommended to wear a black, charcoal grey or navy suit with a neck tie, but remember the suit’s shirt must compliment the bride’s dress. When it is a cocktail wedding, it is recommended to wear all degrees of grey or black with neck tie or even take it further with an open neck for a fresh look. When it is a non-formal and simple garden wedding, it is recommended to wear light navy blue, or light to medium grey. These go best with the surrounding of nature. If it is a Beach wedding, it is recommended to wear tans & light browns, white, off white & light grey suits are preferable, and a tie can match the color of the wedding and the bride.
•         Suit fabrics: It is recommended to wear 100% wool , and to have quality shirt as well as quality tie, and quality design for the tie.


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