Honey Moon in Thailand

Honey Moon in Thailand


Thailand is one of the most incredibly beautiful places on Earth. Honey moon in Thailand is not to be missed for it entails an adventure of a lifetime beholding memories that the Bride and Groom will admire forever.

Thailand is often described as one of the world's dream honeymoon destinations ideal for all couples, and it is quite abundant in beauty and luxury for affordable prices.  Upon arrival. honeymooners will find extreme pleasure in discovering one another's passions in the abundant activities that can be done on the honeymoon weeks ahead.

Whether it is the dining cuisine in Thailand, that combines the most mouth-watering meals, prepared from fresh sea food or barbecue of sea food. Honeymooners may often find huge seafood restaurants with the most luxurious fresh sea food prepared on the spot with authentic spices that fulfill taste-buds.


There are many attractive places to visit in Thailand like the cruise in Chao Phraya River with Bangkok's famous attractions twinkling in the evening sky. There, you can find marine Crafts plying the Chao Phraya River, and can even take a ride with them into this amazing adventure.


Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and admirably beautiful places in Southeast Asia. Known for its luxury and boutique hotels, most honeymooners enjoy it, and wish to never leave. The Bangkok GOLDEN TEMPLES are one of a kind, leaving a mark to remember


Thailand's touristic places are too many to mention, but surely will make honeymooners treasure their memories there! Thailand’s “Rose of the North” is a truly cultural place with ethnic diversity, a large number of touristic attractions, and truly friendly hospitality!


Chiang Mai refers to the translation "new city", and has celebrated its 700th anniversary int he year 1996. This city is the center of Buddhism in northern Thailand. King Mend Rai, a very religious leader, founded many of the city's temples that remain important until today. Thai culture co-exists side by side with the city's residing beautiful temples, and are definitely surrounded with modern stores and boutique hotels. The combination of valuable ethnic temples with modern boutique hotels makes Chiang Mai a wonderful honey moon experience. For many years, tourists mistaken this city for a place of rafting trips to the hill tribe villages. However, the surprise is the most admirable temples that behold a long history of civilizations. 


Chiang Mai is an old city, but known for the delectable cuisine, incredibly fascinating architecture, traditional values, it is truly convenient for anyone who wants to experience this new adventure. Chiang Mai also beholds numerous natural resources like mountains, waterfalls, and rivers.  River rafting, hill tribe trekking, and elephant riding are adventures that honeymooners can enjoy. 


Koh Samui, a very popular island destination is found in the Gulf of Thailand. It is about 700km south of Bangkok and 80km from Thailand’s eastern seaboard. While Samui is small enough and just a couple of hours by motorbike or car, the island features such a variety of blue beaches and includes amazing activities! Honeymooners enjoy this fascinating place and experience the delicious sea side, and food.


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