Choosing your Wedding Ring Right

1-     Try to Limit Your Choices to Quality places!


First, go to the store you know has quality, new, and long-lasting jewelry store. You do not want to go to the wrong place, so ask your married friends, or try to do an online research for quality, long-lasting, and new designs.


2-     Do not go for a Late Search, it causes panic!


You have a hundred things to do for your wedding. You do not want to spend hours looking for a wedding ring, and probably not finding one. Search few quality places, and compare prices by snapping pictures on your mobile and writing a note for each price. After touring 5 places each for about 30 minutes and not more, make a decision about the ring you love the most and the ring that your partner also loves the most, that is the shared ring. If you disagree on choices, communicate and compromise to see which is the best. Eliminating rings that are out of design or over priced may be a good starter! Engraving into the ring written writings takes time, so try to go earlier if that is one of the options you are considering.


3-     Do not worry about the color, you can be different!


If your partner likes gold, and you like silver, there is no common rule that you must match in color too. You could pick the same ring, that is harmonious with your partner’s ring, but in different color.


4-     What is your budget, watch out the over budget!


It is important to know prices differ from place to place, and from design to design, and from country to country. A gold ring is more expensive than a silver ring, we all know that. Diamonds can add considerably more to the cost.

5-     Does it fit your lifestyle, go for harmony!


Don't be afraid to be go high on the fashion if it fits your lifestyle. But if you would be wearing something you will want to hide at work, then it is better not to buy it in the first place! It should be harmonious with your lifestyle!


6-     Choose the Right and accurate size!


Do not buy it in a time you are stressed, taking medicines that may cause you to gain or drop weight, or not in your stable weight. Do not try the ring when your fingers are swollen or not in their accurate size. You do not want to buy something that will fall off later. Try the ring every day before your wedding to ensure it is the right size! This means you must have the ring few weeks before your wedding!


7-     Check for Quality

It is important and crucial for wedding rings because it is a disappointment to buy something and find out later it is not real gold, or real silver, or real white gold, for example. Have the accurate signature for gold, silver, or diamond, and ensure it is written in the ring. Know who you are buying from, at least, to be a certified jewelry known to sell accurately what is required.

8-     Love the SHOPPING experience

Enjoy touring for wedding rings, and get to know jewelry places. This will help you in future times whenever you wish to buy jewelry to know where and who is best seller.


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