Thailand for Honeymooners an experience to remember

Thailand offers the most incredible moments couples can experience in a lifetime on their blessed honeymoon. Indeed, it is a blessing in itself to be in Thailand on a honeymoon because couples will have the most engraved memories that will linger in their memories forever, and make them smile back wishing every day was a Thailand experience. There are so many countless activities to indulge in, and enjoy the pleasure of food, healthy drinks, fresh oxygen along the beautiful sea, and plenty of kindness and hospitality from the people.


You will definitely find yourself smiling often. In the previous article, we discussed the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, both which are located in the North. However, in the south of Thailand, you can also find the beautiful sea spreading wide its beauty. Going on elephant rides, or going through the ancient temples are some of the activities that are worth trying, and will leave lots of shared laughter and warm smiles on the faces of couples.

Here are a list of things you should not miss in Thailand!  Going into the rain forests, or hiking in the jungles, with the elephants ride, or even going on bicycles into small towns. Couples do end up losing weight, so it is recommended to keep hydrated and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Relaxing on the beach side or taking a ride in the boats to view the sea sights are all worth trying.

Bangkok, once again, is worth visiting  because one never gets bored, or empty of list of activities to do!


·         We recommend that you ride the sky train to avoid traffic in the city to avoid the traffic of the city. Because Thailand is so well known around the world for honeymooners, you may find lots of traffic, but that can be escaped with the sky train!

·         We recommend you visit Jim Thompson Museum. This Bangkok home consists of Thai houses and has a pleasant restaurant, garden and also many shops to buy beautiful clothing as well Asian sculptures and paintings for sale. Collection of typical Thai houses are combined into a museum. There is also  a delicious restaurant, a lovely garden, and many shops on the grounds. It's an ideal place to cool off, shop for fine silks, and see the exquisite Asian sculptures and paintings.

·         Elephants are all over Thailand, and people usually enjoy getting to know these wonderful beings more. There are many places in Thailand in Bangkok where people watch elephants caring for their babies. It is funny that at some point , people watch elephants bathe and exercise. Fascinating how these creatures have their own way of life, and people usually feel so excited about this new discovery that they rent an elephant for a ride, or even for a day.   People swim with own elephants in the palm, and then go for a lunch, and ride back to the elephant site. Of course, there are specialized people who monitor and help you in this new adventure.


·         It is funny that shopping is an exercise in Thailand, you may laugh hearing this, but you will definitely tone and firm your body in no time! Walking through the large shopping festive, where couples get to buy many beautiful clothing in great prices.  Shopping centers open about 24 hours a day, there are shopping street bazaars as well as international and global malls, and both adventures are worth trying.  People find beautiful items for their home as well as to fit their own fashion needs. International along local clothings are available, which makes the experience worth while.  Thailand is known for it’s silks, and usually most tourists find silky items in reasonable prices.  Nevertheless, precious stones and semi precious stones, are found in Thailand.  A well known artist is Johnny Gem, known to have the most precious stones.


·         Another place to buy souvenirs very well known to have the best products ever is Silom Village Trade Center. It has a the best quality for jewelry and  accessories.


·         Tourits visit the markets on the warm weekend. One of the markets is known as Chatuchak . There are about 10,000 visitors showering the streets, and the place to bargain and also find amazing purchases is on Khao San Road.


·         Many couples enjoy a sensual massage, known as the couple therapeutic massage. Massage is a very important ingredient in the lives and culture of the Thai people. 


·         Shangri L Hotel  is known to have a luxurious and incredibly renowned SPA places. Couples experience scented treatment rooms, and tranquil environments.


·         The hotel rooms are usually filled with delicious food , and also flowers. Hospitality and kindness is one of the main ingredients of the Thai people.

·         We also recommend that couples cruise through the canals and enjoy the river city. By the way, on the river, there are shopping places and even a River city mall for shopping. Boats known as the water taxis take couples from one place to another. Some couples prefer to hide their own boat.

·         We also recommend that couples go for a beautiful experience performed in the world’s most spacious stage, known as Siam Niramint Theatre. In Thailand, there are countless costumed performances on stage that truly are worth watching.


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