What should you wear under your wedding dress

What should you wear under your wedding dress?


You purchased a stunning wedding dress; you do not have an exact idea what to wear under it? Always choose the color of the wedding underwear to be simply invisible under your wedding dress!

You are afraid of buying the wrong underwear or lingerie? Here are our tips designed to give you the ultimate experience:



Try to choose high waist control briefs!  Stretchy fabrics, seam free, and the shade must NOT be seen through the dress. The underwear must be flatten, smooth, and not overly stuck to the body that causes sidelines under the dress to show up. The underwear along the stomach briefs must shape the stomach and even hide further the cellulite, if there is. That is the magic of stomach underwear.



Choose a wedding dress that makes you feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful, and slim! Many wedding dresses are designed to help the bride look fit. Remember, if you do not have a lot of cleavage on the breasts, choose something that will enrich your breasts and lift them up. If the wedding dress requires a bra with it, choose a quality bra for wedding bridals lingerie. The wedding bridal lingerie should lift the breasts and give them a nice lifted shape, rather than a sagging shape. If the dress is backless, the bra must appear on the back as transparent, but be able to still lift the breasts. The bra straps need to be firm and comfortable, lifting the breasts correctly.



The thighs may be forgotten often, as brides may focus more on the face and breasts, or back, and shoes, but neglect how important the thighs are especially to be harmonious with the stomach. Try to go on a healthy diet one year before your wedding. On the day you decide you will get married, it is recommended to go on a healthy diet, and even further to hit to the gym! Nothing is more appealing than a fit bride. However, if you haven’t achieved the fitness you require, choose a dress that will give you a comfortable silhouette. What targets to decrease your thighs are the type that resemble Cycling shorts, and these are very are important. These pants suck in and firm up the thigh area and waistline. Seam free pair are the most crucial part of picking these cycling shorts. Ensure not to buy a pair that is stuck to you or that is way too small, it will leave marks under the dress!



Your buttocks are important too, but the size is not the issue. The issue itself is to give a shaped buttock that improves the shape of the butt, knowing at the wedding that people will be looking at you from behind. Spandex-shaped underwear will lift your buttocks giving it a perfect shape. Avoid light wear ranges, and do not buy light string lingerie because it will not be enough to lift the buttocks. What you must buy is a firm control of pair of pants that smoothen, lift, and reduce the measurements of the buttocks giving it the ultimate shape. It is recommended to buy a pair of control pants attached also with straps to the bra. This will create an ultimate lift too, and will even make the buttocks look better!




Choose a corset that brings your waist and stomach down by five inches, but without making you breathless. You must still be able to move comfortable, and breathe right. For a tight fitting dress, you may not be able to wear a corset. You may need something like a spandex suit, which also decreases the waist.


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