Honeymoon in Brazil a destination of a lifetime

To say you are enjoying the most beautiful shores with sandy shores extending to eternity, you must be in one of the cities of Brazil with your beloved partner on a honey moon of a lifetime!
People wonder which city to go to in Brazil, but the question really is not only what city, as Brazil is a humongous country, but also what hotel, what street, which places and what restaurants to visit are questions that honeymooners have often asked!  The truth is it is difficult to choose from the variety of luxurious Hotels and attractive touristic cities which to visit. Most couples end up going to more than one city, because every part of Brazil is too beautiful to be missed!
The most important thing when considering going on a honeymoon in Brazil is that if honeymooners do not speak Portuguese, it is advisable to have a translation book just to facilitate the time. Usually summer time is in December, during which the peaks of Summer shine the heat of the sun to the shores of the beach. Rio de janeiro is one of the most touristic cities in the world that has beautiful sandy shores for the perfect tan. Couples will not only enjoy the shores of Brazil where coconut trees fill the streets, but also the kindness of the Brazilian people and the government too! There is free entry to the sandy shores that extend all over Rio de janeiro especially in the heart of Copa Cabana. The beach in Copa Cabana stretchy its incredibly glorious sandy shores and sunny sunsets.  In Copa Cabana, couples can find very lovely clothing shops with trendy Lebanese fashion. Affordable prices, exotic items, with sexy outfits for the ladies are mainly found in the Brazilian shops.
In Rio de janeiro, there are top line hotels extending all over the city. Restaurants serve delicious food be it authentic Brazilian cuisine or international restaurants like Italian, German, and you can even find Lebanese.  Brazilians are known for their delicious black bean meals, with whole rice, and cabbage, known as Feijoada.  Sea food restaurants serve fresh fish on the sea side, baked with Brazilian spices, or fried with Brazilian coconut oil. Guarana is a famous and authentic Brazilian drink – it is very delicious, and tastes like a blend of fruit and green tea, giving energy boost to the body. Honeymooners enjoy the restaurants in Brazil as there are the 1-kg restaurants where people can eat up as they want from hundreds of different platters of delicious food!
Gymnastics are basic sports in Brazil, as well as foot ball on the beach side. You can take part in daily sports activities at the hotel, or ask about watching football tournaments. Local Brazilian singers also sing at the hotel night club, but if you wish to leave to watch international concerts, or Samba concerts, you can ask at the hotel lobby for a taxi driver, and for the attendees there to give you a tour to a Samba concert. People in Brazil are known to speak Portuguese mostly, but Spanish is also a common language that many Brazilians speak. English and French are spoken second, so you can also use a translation book if you need anything.
In downtown city, there are international movie theatres, many which have the latest movies in the cinema. Downtown city has hundreds of movie theatres, where tourists can choose grand cinemas to watch the movie they want. Night clubs and pubs in Brazil could be in door or out door, on top of buildings or in the city. In the next articles, we will discuss more touristic places in Brazil that will take your breath away!


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