Paradise on Earth for a honeymoon BRAZIL

Brazil - Paradise on Earth for a honeymoon!

Ipanema beach is the place to be on a honey moon and it is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the Ipanema district! It is a place of luxury to watch the heavenly sunset with the beloved after a long day at the beach!  There are two mountains better known as the twin brothers in the famous Ipanema location. Ipanema is close to Copacabana, in fact very close, but relatively different. Private infrastructure and classy restaurants, shops, and café make it different from the simpler Copacabana. It is one of the most expensive but luxurious places in Rio de Janeiro. Sun worshippers are often seen at the morning, running and exercising on the sandy beaches. On the street sides are built in roadways that are usually filled with runners, ride bikes, roller skaters or skateboarders. Social class is important in Ipanema as it is known to be the high class society of Brazil. The twin mountains Dois and Irmaos rise in the western end of the Ipanema beach. People drink beer or coconut water and play football, volleyball, and other games on the beach side.

Corcovado is the most beautiful place to be, where Christ Statue rises upon Brazil sun set. The Corcovado or Christ the Redeemer sits on top of the mountain, and is known one of the the most important statue Brazil holding magnificent example of Brazilian sculpture. It stands about 38 meters high stretching into the skies. Many honey mooners visit this place to pray and take the blessings as it is a typical Brazilian traditions well known with tourists. Stunning in its presence, honeymooners can see Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana when reaching to it. Many tourists and honey mooners go up to the Tijuca Forest until they reach the Corvocado.

There are wonderful waterfalls in Brazil, known as Iquazu Falls or Iquacu Falls. These beautiful waterfalls will make you feel as if you are standing in the middle of a water paradise! The waterfalls are located exactly on the border of Brazil in the state of Parana right in Argentina. These rivers are the boundary between Brazil and Argentina. These waterfalls also have an important impact in geographical structure in South America. What is beautiful to know just as the favorite Guarana fruit, the Guraani language was used to name these water falls.

Brazilian view of the waterfalls!


The Iguazu Fallsa are taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide, and there are many islands within the waterfalls. Honeymooners need to confirm with the VISA requirements when entering Brazil and ensure they can visit the waterfalls by speaking with the Tourist department for the O.K requirements, because these waterfalls are included in both Argentina and Brazil, and not just Brazil alone. Also, these unique waterfalls allow honeymooners to reach Puerto Iquazu in Argentina as well as Ciudad del Este in Paraguay! Of course, there are unique built walking patterns within these falls to allow honeymooners and visitors to be close to view the beauty of the falls. Safety precautions are given by the administrations there ensuring all tourists and honeymooners are safe! Helicopters are present on the longer pathway near the Brazilian side of the waterfalls to allow people to go up in the skies and have the utmost most amazing view of their lives!


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