Honeymoon Explorations in Brazil

Brazil is a country with beauty of the beach side as well as beauty of the mountains area! Portuguese was once upon a time ruled by Portugal. While in Brazil, you will expect to see many cultures, some which are native Indians, others which are Africans, and some which are originally Italians or European.

Honeymooners usually enjoy the beautiful beats of Brazilian music. It includes the famous Samba music along the Samba dance that brings tourists to Brazil, particularly in the month of February when the unique well known carnival takes place.

The Brazilian festival is known to be filled with exotic tanned women dressed in beautiful sexy costumes of all colors and designs. People from all over the world visit Brazil to watch the carnival. Honeymooners will enjoy it, although it may get a bit too crowded and noisy, but it can still be fun for people who want the perfect tan on the sunny beaches, the fire of the carnival, beautiful musical and dance shows that leave a lasting impression on the tourists and viewers, along genuine kindness and hotels as a perfect getaway.

Brazil is the world’s largest country in South American continent, and it borders every country on it except for the countries of Ecuador and Chile.  Recently the Amazon is growing in population, and many tourists visit it to explore the wild greens. In the upcoming articles, we will discuss with you the adventures of honeymooners in the Amazon.

As for now, Honeymooners enjoy many parts of Brazil, as each and every city is a place for tourism. As we discussed previously Pedra Bonita along the Pepino beach are places where honeymooners will enjoy surfing in the well known city of Rio de janeiro. There are beautiful surfing locations in the south of Brazil near Santa Caterina, which somehow far from Rio. In Brazil, wind surfing is also well-known in the area of north-west Fortaleza.  For fishing activities, Rio Araguaia in Goias, and Tocantins are well known , and honeymooners can eat fresh fish in any of the well known restaurants on the beach side.  Rock climbing in and near Rio de janerio is also known! Hiking is a great activity to do as well in the town of Terresopolis, that is filled with beautiful greens and long green trees. Terresopolis in Brazil is a town that is not to be missed by honey mooners. The amazing green paradise filled with cozy houses surrounded by the river side is quite incredible in its beauty. The amazing river crosses between houses that tourists may find themselves residing in an hotel that has a river passing through it greens, and the river actually passes through the roads leaving a marking impression of beauty. The fresh winds brought by the green lands also leaves a marking impression of beauty. The capturing green valley surrounding Terresopolis along the beautiful scenery of trees, of singing birds, of fruits, of flowers are not to be missed during a honeymoon stay.  A perfect breakfast in the green island is a heavenly experience with one’s beloved during a honeymoon stay.


Teresópolis is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a mountainous region known as Região Serrana. Teresopolis means the city of Teresa, and it is a tribute to Dona Teresa, wife of Dom Pedro. She loved the beautiful region in the old days and explored the beauty of the mountains. The serenity and peace of mind attained in Terespolis is what has brought many tourists and honeymooners to it. Rich in cultivation, mountains, hills and planes, as well as merging rivers into the land, people from all over the world love a two or three days get away there.  In teresopolis, honeymooners explore the Dedo de dues (Finger of GOD) mountain, which is reached by people who go for mountain hiking and climbing. It was climbed for the first time in the year of 1912.


The best time to go on a honey moon to Brazil would be around December to February as it is summer there. Rio de janerio is hot and perfect for the beach in that time. However, if honey mooners are willing for a cool breeze, they can go to Rio in winter time which is in June and August, but it not much fun as it the weather is cold, and there are rainy showers.


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