Sex Love and Food an Everlasting Passion

Sex, Love & Food … an Everlasting Passion

Perhaps you‘ve watched and remember the movie “9 ½ weeks” featuring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. The 1986 movie has been voted the film with the sexiest moment in cinema! Truly one of the hottest, most erotic moments in movie history! And guess what, it’s not pornographic, no! It’s all about infamous food tricks on a kitchen floor. Oh the filthy, filthy things these two did in the kitchen with the fruit, the milk, the juice, the strawberry…so nasty. So hot!

Food/Sex Relation

Of course food has something to do with sex. It’s right there in the English language! Notice cheesecake, honey, sweetie-pie to name a few. And of course the famous expression, I could eat you up! But why is it that we do this? Deeper levels of influence? Definitely, let’s check them out:

    Chemical: Many foods claimed to have aphrodisiac powers also happen to contain important nutrients for the proper function of sexual organs. Zinc, for example, found abundantly in oysters, is essential for prostate health and testosterone production in men, as well as hormonal estrogen balance in women.
    Social and Historical: We all belong to societies that have an opinion or another about sex. Some are too closed, some are too opened. Be sure that the social beliefs, customs and rituals are highly influential on our sexual behavior.
    Energetic needs: More sex, more food! That’s normal! You’re burning calories aren’t you? Around 250 calories an hour! Different foods affect the body’s energy flow differently, by relaxing (alcohol) or energizing (protein) as needed. Contrast counts. Caviar and champagne, wine and chocolate, are classic seduction foods.
    Sensory: food can be sexually inviting or evocative because of its texture (soft, slithery, such as oysters), shape or appearance (think bananas, asparagus, cucumbers, pomegranates), and mostly the attitude while eating (if slowly, sensually, with eye contact).

TIP: On Valentine’s Eve, send him/her a huge exotic Fruits Bouquet. You can find them in Lebanon.

Food/Love Relation

    Romantic: What’s more romantic than “un diner a la chandelle” with flowers and some music to arouse intimacy, receptiveness and relaxation?
    Magical: The mental attitude and intent of wanting to cook for each other. Tell me that’s not love!
    Sharing: When we love one another, we share food. Whether in a couple or family, at restaurant or at home, people gather around food tables. This is a time for life and love sharing and…what a coincidence…food sharing also, so here you go!
    A healthy inner bond: Loving yourself before anything else is key to maintain healthy relationships, whether your boyfriend, husband or with food! Don’t underestimate the importance of the You/Food/Mood bond! If you love yourself, you’ll know what to feed your body so it’s happy but healthy. When you start gaining weight, you start loving yourself less, you love your husband less and food hooks you up as the only source of comfort. Vicious cycle, don’t go there! You don’t have to fall in love with food like Julia Roberts did in her Eat Pray Love movie, but count on moderation! She’s a savior!

Build a strong and healthy bond between food, love and sex and I can promise you a lifetime of great expectations, for the love of food…Have a Delicious Valentine!


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